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Chameleon Flash enables you to limit the functionality of your application for the user to have to register the application and enter a license key in order to disable the limitations. It will allow you to earn money using your products. Or you can offer free registration and it will help you promote your website and other products and services.

Limiting access to files
You can limit access to the files of your application for unregistered users. In this case, an unregistered user will be able to access only a limited number of files. The user will have to register and enter the reg.key in order to access all files. The application will show a reminder screen each time the swf tries to access a limited file. This limitation type is effective for applications consisting of a lot of files. For example:
- Educational applications where an unregistered user can open only several lessons.
- Games where an unregistered user can complete only several levels.
- Software, game, video clip, audio track and photo collections where an unregistered user can open only part of the available materials.
Here is just a brief list of situations when this limitation type is preferable.

Encrypting files
During the compilation process, Chameleon Flash encrypts files protected against being viewed by unregistered users. Encrypted files cannot be decrypted until the user enters his or her registration name and key.

Trial period limitation
You can limit the use of your application by unregistered users to a certain period of time (days or launches). After the trial period is over, they will have to register to continue using the application.

Reminder screen
When an unregistered user tries to access a protected file or when the trial period expires, the application will show the user its reminder screen. It will allow the user to register in order to disable the limitations.

Reminder screen - click to enlarge
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Custom reminder screen
The appearance of the reminder screen does not fit into the style of your application, does it? No problem. The FLA file of the standard reminder screen coming with the program will allow you to easily modify it and make it look the way you like it.

Stand-alone key generator
Chameleon Flash creates stand-alone key generators for products. It will allow you to give access to the key generator to a person who will be responsible for sending license keys to customers.

Stand-alone key generator - click to enlarge
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Key generator – command-line version
Chameleon Flash can also create key generators controlled from the command line. It allows you to generate keys from external applications and scripts, which makes it possible to automate the key generation process.

Asymmetric keys
Using asymmetric encryption algorithms makes it impossible for hackers to create their own key generators.

Hardware-Locked keys
License keys can be locked to the user's computer. It makes it impossible to illegally use a key on several computers.

Time-Limited keys
You can specify an expiration period for a generated key. After this period expires, the key will become invalid and the program will offer the user to update it.

Custom license data
Also, the key generator can add a small string with custom data to a license key. Your application will later be able to use this data, which allows you to add your own license conditions (for instance, the number of levels available in a game).

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